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Fees* & Bookings

Please make the booking by clicking the "Book" button of the session you'd like to make an appointment for. Once I have received your booking request with your preferred dates & times (3 different options), I'll send you the payment instruction.

Kindly note that the booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of the payment. 

For any inquires, please message me via the Contact page.

Concession rates & donation based payment are available for those who have financial difficulties. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are very interested in the session but only financial difficulty is preventing you from trying. 

I sincerely seek your honesty with this matter, as your payment is also helping me to continue providing a service for those who have no financial means to pay for the sessions.

Forest Trees

30 mins Initial
Video Meeting
FREE (1 time only)

Nondual Art Therapy

Holistic Art Therapy
Clinical Supervision

110 USD | 900HKD 

Nondual Coaching

Nondual Coaching
Self-Luminous Session

110 USD | 900HKD 

Bach Flower Remedy Session

Bach Flower Remedies
90USD | 700HKD
 (Inc. Remedies)
70USD | 580HKD
(Exc. Remedies)

Cancellation Policy

Please note that the following cancelation fees will apply.

  • More than 12 hours advanced notice - No cancelation fee

  • Less than 12 hours advanced notice - 50% of sessional fee

  • No show -100% of sessional fee

Fees are established when I reserve time for your booking. This sometimes involves turning down other session requests or making other arrangements.

*The fees are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation, unless you are already engaged in the sessions. If you've already started the sessions then prior notice will be given.

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