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Nothing to know. Just BE...

Nothing to know.


Nondual Coaching
- Resting in our true nature -

Nondual coaching offers both contemplative and explorative space that provides opportunities for you to realise our true nature – and familiarise yourself with the most tranquil, liberated and timeless dimension of ourselves, known as Unconditioned awareness. This most nurturing resource within is our inherent nature and we can access it regardless of our conditions and situations. It is in fact inseparable from us, yet most of us are living our lives without realising this profoundly self-empowering resource within.


In this session, you are invited to:

  • Experientially explore and investigate our true nature, through contemplative inquiries, explorative dialogues and silence.

  • Be open and become aware of a dimension of ourselves which we are simply  aware of our thoughts, feelings and perceptions unconditionally.

  • Experience ourselves ‘as we are’, without reference to our thoughts, ideas, concept, images & beliefs.


  • Rest in our beingness and familiarise with our most effortless state​.

  • To become aware of own conditioning and identifications that are causing our suffering and connect with our own capacity to heal ourself.

  • “Work at the result level.”  You will be facilitated to recognise timeless dimension of ourselves where we are truly engaged with here & now, by identifying and dissolving the reference points on which a path to our goal (happiness) is constructed in our mind.   "As long as we are on the path we can't be at the destination. " (Dr. Peter Fenner)

When we realise our unconditioned nature beyond our conditions and situations, we start embracing the spontaneity of our lives. We become less caught up with our own judgmental nature that constantly conditions ourselves and others. The urge to control fades away and we become able to be aware of our thoughts, ideas, feelings, perceptions and beliefs, rather than believing that we are the controller of them. Trying to control these things takes a lot of energy from us or can make us overwhelmed. Abiding in our True nature on the other hand, empowers us without effort and invites our inner-peace to emerge spontaneously. Our life becomes vibrant, fresh and alive. The more we become familiar with this dimension of ourselves, the more our self-created identity “I”, who was imprisoned by our own mind, gradually fades away. Our mind becomes clear and spontaneous actions start to emerge. Our emotions no longer control us, although we are fully aware of them. The process allows us to transcend whatever we no longer needed whilst being fully engaged with our lives. Here true freedom emerge.

  • Sessions duration: 1 hour
  • Frequency: 3 consecutive sessions are recommended. However, you can also decide your plan after the 1st session. 
  • Meeting format:  In person or Video Call meetings via GoogleMeet, Zoom or Skype  
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