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Holistic Art Therapy

Art of Self-Discovery & libration

Art can help us to externalise our feelings and thoughts safely, making them visible where they can be seen objectively. It allows us to witness and explore our own mind stream as a powerful, yet playful companion. Nondual Art Therapy offers a space for self-inquiry, exploration and discovery of our true nature.

Here, art is used as a gateway to our consciousness and gain insights into how our habitual thinking patterns condition our experience. These patterns work as unconscious filters that interpret our experience according to our preferences and aversions. Whilst some of them are, or have been useful to our lives, others are no longer needed and even cause unnecessary suffering. The role of art in this session is merely a vehicle to help us become aware of the movements of our conditioned mind and a channel to release any stagnant energy that are keeping us away from our freedom. This process often ignites changes to our perspectives and helps us to see our lives in a different light. The change of perspective brings openness to our lives and sense of hope appears spontaniousely.
The session is available for anyone who is willing to be open and make changes to their lives, as there is no importance put on the aesthetic quality of the art or the technical ability of the participants. *
Awareness is the key to self-liberation, healing and personal growth.

Art as a communication tool to connect with ourselves & and others.
Art helps  us to externalise our mind stream.

Through Holistic Art Therapy, you are invited to explore different dimensions of yourself and discover the most empowering resources within.

*Please let me know if you have any mobility restrictions or disabilities. I can modify the sessions according to your needs.

Who can benefit from the session?

Those who are:

  • Seeking changes & bring clarity into their lives

  • Wishing to process loss, grief, trauma and certain experiences in their lives

  • In need of self-healing and resolves inner conflict

  • Seeking to have reflective opportunity for themselves

  • Wishing to know themselves deeper & discover their true nature

Sessions  format:

  • Duration: 1 - 1.5hour

  • Frequency: Flexible according to clients' needs. Normally meet weekly or forthrightly but monthly session can be offered if the client feel comfortable with this frequency.

  • One-off session is also available for more focused work (1.5h).

  • Meeting format:  In person or Video Call meetings via GoogleMeet, Zoom or Skype 

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