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Embrace ever-radiant resource within.

Radiant Mind Meeting

"Radiant mind arises when we rest in unconditioned awareness and allow it to radiate through the totality of our conditioned existence, bringing peace, wisdom, and love to everything we experience."  Peter Fenner, PH.D.

This is a drop-in session where participants across the globe gather together to simply sit and embrace our Radiant Mind experience. The Radiant mind is the "integration of unconditioned awareness into the conditioned body-mind,  gradually transforming the body-mind in the process." [ 1 ]

The more we familiarise ourselves with our unconditioned dimension, our conditionings and fixations start to lose their potency. Our habitual thinking patterns flake away on its own accord and our perspective expands spontaneously, revealing the fresh possibilities that we weren't aware of. This process cultivates trust in our lives with unshakable recognition that our true nature is free and blessed by the magnificent energy of life.

No prior reservation is needed and you are welcome to join from the Zoom link sent to your email. If you prefer to join only through audio please feel free to join without a camera. You are also welcome to join from your phones. All the log-in information will be sent to your email once you subscribe to our mailing list.

In this meeting:

  • We will sit together and rest in the ocean of pure awareness and see what each moment unfolds.

  • Speaking, silence and meditation are neither encouraged nor discouraged

  • Sharing your thoughts. feelings, poems, stories, art, music or sound is neither encouraged nor discouraged.

  • We will have the opportunity to be aware of our preferences, aversions and conditionings. You don't need to do anything with these reactions. If we share them, we are simply sharing what's happening to us in that moment. 

  • You will become aware of how you are conditioning the next moment and rest in the place where you don't know what's happening next.

  • We are simply being with what is. 

Sessions duration: 1 hour
Date & Time: 
  • Every 2nd Monday of the month @ 6:30 pm (PT, USA) / 9:30 pm (ET, USA) 
  • Every 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 9:30 am (Mar - Oct) / 10:30 am (Nov - Feb) in Hong Kong (Please add 1h to the above for Japan)
Meeting format:  Online via Zoom  
Participation fee: Free
[ 1 ] Peter Fenner, PH. D. (2007).  RADIANT MIND. Boulder, Colorado : Sound True, Inc.
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